Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Living by Starlight : 12/08

This month has quite a number of difficult and frustrating aspects. There is a plethora of hard Mercury aspects to accompany the Full Moon in Mercury ruled Gemini. Be especially cautious in your communications and make sure you are saying what you mean. It is easy to overstate your case or react to emotional input instead of your intellect. Also be careful while traveling. The information that comes to us this month will have long-lasting effects.

Uranus goes direct a few minutes before this New Moon. This coupled with the Sagittarius New Moon may represent a turnaround in the tech stocks and the NASDAQ, at least temporarily, which could fuel a broader rally. But the fundamentals are still so bad that the slightest tremor could shake this market loose with another 1,000 point drop in the DOW. With Saturn in opposition to Uranus four more times between now and July 2010, we can expect continued instability in the financial markets and the world at large. The recent terrorist attacks in India are only the first of a number of such incidences. We can expect more. Uranus is the planet of revolution. Saturn is the planet of stability and structure. When these two are in conflict there will be no foundation upon which to feel secure. In the Great Alignment of May 2000 these two planets were in square to each other. Now that they are in opposition we are seeing the results of that Taurus Great Alignment and how precarious our lives have become. We can expect social unrest, more terrorist attacks and deeper wounds that will become harder to heal as time goes by.

Pluto entered Capricorn shortly before the New Moon as well. This transit that will last until 2024 will redefine our society and the world in general. I will discuss this transit at length in future issues and lectures. However, suffice to say that the transit of Pluto through the signs has through the years shown to influence our society greatly. It was Pluto transiting through Sagittarius that caused the price of oil to rise to $148.00 a barrel, one of the main events that pushed our backs against the wall and helped create the current financial collapse. Now as Pluto transit Saturn-ruled Capricorn we will see changes in the very foundation of the society, our goals and the earth itself.

Nothing less than a fundamental change in our way of doing business is required. As we watch the collapse of the world’s largest pyramid scheme I wonder what changes will finally be made. We have developed a society based on greed, debt and passivity. The banks and credit cards have taken over our society and twisted our priorities all out of proportion. These cockroaches were handed the keys to the kingdom over the past 40 years, and they have taken full advantage of it to create a class of economic slaves. If you don’t live in debt and have credit cards you aren’t part of the system. They have made it virtually impossible to live within your means – increasing credit limits, pushing money onto people who could never afford to pay it back, and then squeezing the poor bastards with higher credit limits, higher interest rates and the threat of ruin. If you’ve ever been in the position of dealing with collection agencies you know what I mean. They will use any means, legal or not, to get money from debtors. Constant phone calls to your home, work and family members are only the beginning. They have corrupt process servers who knowingly serve papers illegally to old addresses or even places you have never lived. Then they secretly seal your bank accounts and force you into court, where the judges turn a blind eye to their shenanigans. They continue to charge 32% interest on accounts that have been closed for years. And again the courts do little to protect the individual. And then there is the all telling credit score, the omnipotent single number that can prevent you from buying a home, a car, or even get a job. Our lives are controlled by people we will never see, not by our elected officials. And we wonder why it all fell to crap. If we bail out these crooks only to return to the same system of finances we will in essence be condoning and feeding into this sickness. As it is, we are standing on the verge or what potentially could be virtually the end of our society as we know it. People who have been in the financial markets for decades are scared. They have never seen anything like this in history. There is no easy or simple solution to what we have wrought upon ourselves. However, if we do manage to repair the structure of it, and put things back the way there were without addressing the basic issues of financial human rights we will see it all collapse again.