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Living by Starlight 02/09

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Mercury goes direct on February 1st, and this has been one doozy of a retrograde. The usual difficulties are noted, but with the world in the mess it’s in, you can only imagine what they may have done without our knowledge.

The barrage of mistakes, bad judgment and dishonesty that currently permeate our society seems endless. While Mercury was in retrograde in October, our government was sold a bill of goods by the banking industry, and was bullied in a time of great panic to set up the TARP program. Half the money was released on that retrograde and, as you can see; it has been an expensive and illogical failure. The second half of the money is now being demanded by President Obama, again while Mercury is retrograde. This too will be a failed attempt.

Also while Mercury was in retrograde, New York governor Patterson appointed a pro-gun, conservative democrat to fill Hillary Clinton’s most prestigious seat in the senate – at a time when the left needs to be empowered in order to tip the balance of power in this country back into the center. This appointment is sure to create more infighting in the Democratic Party. There is already a lack of solidarity and innumerable agendas clouding the main concerns. Without complete clarity and unflinching agreement will we accomplish even a small part of what this administration, and the large majority of the people hope for?

Mr. Obama became president at exactly noon on January 20th 2009. I don’t care how many times he was administered the oath. Those delays and mistakes were all part of the retrograde Mercury, and have nothing to do with the facts. I hate to bust so many bubbles, but he was inaugurated automatically at noon, and thus began his presidency under a void of course moon. You can discuss and analyze all the charts you want to, that won’t change reality one little bit. There will be serious distractions and a lack of purpose to this first Obama administration. This does not mean that everything he does will be a failure, nor that he won’t be reelected. What it means is that just like on every void of course moon occurring every 2 ½ days, we can expect things to be redirected, set off course and in general be more difficult to control. Unexpected events and situations will come up more often than usual. It will be a particularly frustrating few years, but not necessarily a failure. Spiritual matters will become far more important. And with Jupiter about to conjunct Neptune three times over the next year, I suspect that we will see an increase in religion, philosophy and even astrology and the occult. I am preparing a financial and political update to discuss these aspects at greater length. In the meantime, please view my recent brief youtube segment regarding the Great Alignments of 1962 and 2000.

Saturn will oppose Uranus for the second time on February 5th. Those of you familiar with my work know that I have been marking this transit for some time. This is a time of upsetting events and instability in most things. I discuss it below and will expound further in my update.