Saturday, April 25, 2009

Living by Starlight 05/09

Mercury will retrograde on May 7th. Besides the usual mess this creates we may uncover some previously buried information. The usual words of advice are perhaps more important than usual. There are many things brewing in our culture that could come to light during this period. As always, expect serious delays and problems with travel and communications. Take it all in stride and try not to get angry. If you use the energy that the universe is emitting at any given moment you will enjoy our life more and achieve a higher percentage of your goals. That is what astrology is all about.

On May 27th Jupiter will conjunct Neptune for the first time. Because Jupiter retrogrades on June 15th this conjunction stays within orb for about 7 weeks until the middle of July. Last month I wrote: Because Neptune rules infectious diseases, and Jupiter will expand and enlarge anything it comes in contact with, there is some chance that this transit could result in some sort of medical problem involving an infectious agent. There has recently been an outbreak of a new strain of influenza that reports say is a mixture of bird flu, human flu and a mutation of swine flu, previously only contracted by direct contact with hogs. Now it apparently can be passed from human to human. Mexico City is under a state of emergency, and this super-flu has spread to the western U.S. This is an example of the potential this combination of planets can produce. Jupiter expands whatever it comes in contact with. Neptune rules infectious diseases; ergo a small pandemic would fit nicely with the astrology. I would be less concerned if there weren’t so many difficult transits completing this year, including Saturn opposite Uranus, Saturn square Pluto, etc. I strenuously suggest extra caution this spring and summer, especially if this Jupiter – Neptune conjunct sets of your chart. Avoid infected people, and if you do get sick make sure you deal with it. Although this Jupiter – Neptune conjunct may produce some wonderful results, it can also create a devastating health issue. With so many uninsured Americans, if this thing actually does develop into a pandemic we will see some horrific situations with the sick lining up outside hospitals begging for help, the rapid spread of the infection and limited social services to provide comfort and security. Universal health care is not charity. It is for the protection of everyone.

Of course there is also a beautiful, creative and generous side to this aspect as well. Our society will be tested, personally and collectively. Our humanity will be shown repeatedly. It is always that way in a depression. But this configuration will increase the flow of compassion and charity. Will it be enough?

Saturn will retrograde back to 18 degrees Virgo exactly conjunct Mars in the NYSE chart, the 2nd week of July. This is the degree it was at in late October early November 2008, and again early March when the markets tanked. Expect one of two results. Either the stocks will continue to decline, in which case this date will represent a bottom and could signal a turn around, or the stocks will rally, as I expect, and crash in the middle of July. Either way we are far from a recovery. We may even test the lows in the S&P’s either in July or September. The banks, despite receiving unprecedented amounts of money in taxpayer’s bailouts refuse to lend that money back to the public. Unemployment will continue to rise throughout this year and into 2010. If there is any major health issue it would be the icing on the cake. At least we would see first hand what an underinsured populous would do in such a crisis.

A few of you have asked what Obama’s void of course inauguration will mean. When the Moon is void of course it has completed the last aspect in the sign it is in. The energy is unattached and things do not go as planned. This doesn’t mean that everything will be a failure, only that you can expect some sudden changes in direction and difficulty bringing things to fruition. I have great faith in this president. I am quite impressed with his rhetoric and persona, and his refusal to back down from the many controversial changes he is trying to install. His audacity could only come from a Leo, god bless them. And only someone with his strength of ego could even imagine the enormous changes he has proposed. But a void of course presidency has the chance of ending with a sense of incompletion. This could happen as a result of any number of situations. It is only through great attention to detail and a sharp and critical eye that one can avoid the potential missteps of a project begun in a V.C.

Saturn will square Pluto for the first of three passes on November 15th 2009. This will be a moment of great stress in out society that will demand our attention. It will complete several times over the year. Remember, Saturn was close to the opposition to Pluto when the World Trade Center was hit.

In last month’s newsletter I made a comment about the need to redistribute the collective wealth necessitating a strong oversight. Several of my readers misinterpreted this to assume that I was in favor of big government controlling the business world. This is not the case. I was simply responding to my frustration with the inequities in our society and my continued belief that corporations and banks have no soul, no regard for the human element, and no interest in anything unrelated to profits. There must be some way to protect the individual and balance this problem in a logical and compassionate manner. I don’t know what that solution is. With Saturn in the 10th house in Libra in square to America’s Sun we are basically a centralist nation with a strong desire for fairness. Yet we are a two party system, each with its very different agenda.  Perhaps if we could compose a citizen’s review board unattached to government or any outside influence whose purpose would be to examine the fairness of deals and acquisitions it would be a step in the right direction. But with the current economic mess, the escalating infighting between the two parties and a depression circling us like we are an isolated wagon train, we are too concerned with survival to see past next week.