Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living by Starlight 06/09

On Wednesday May 27th at 4:12 P.M. EST Jupiter and Neptune conjunct. This energy coincides with the recent swine flu hysteria. As this aspect completes and these two planets separate the incidences of outbreaks will lesson and the fears will subside. However they will conjoin once more on December 21st 2009 and that may be when we see the true severity of this illness. Jupiter will exacerbate whatever it comes in contact with, and Neptune rules infectious diseases. This is also why we are having one of the worst allergy seasons in recent memory. In 2010 Neptune will dance across America’s Moon three times. The Moon in America’s rectified chart rules the 8th house of death and joint financial holdings. It is also the house that rules the banking industry. We may be in for some serious, confusing and possibly debilitating situations. I am not at all convinced that our banks are secure, and with Neptune coming along, a great deal of misdirection and underlying festering infection may be uncovered.

Neptune is also the great illusionist. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is also creating a pie-in-the-sky attitude in the financial markets and has led to the recent roaring bear market rally. The consumer confidence number, (Jupiter – Neptune can create a false sense of hope) which in itself is a joke, was so much higher than expected that it set off a 200 point rally in the DOW. But with unemployment continuing to rise, and the dollar moaning its death rattle, most of that confidence is of the Neptunian kind – more faith than fodder.

Jupiter will retrograde on June 15th. Historically this is usually a bearish signal in the stocks. When they are rallying, the turn around of Jupiter usually (about 80% of the time) represents a change in direction for the markets. If they are already heading downward, this indicates a more severe drop. Remember, Jupiter overdoes everything, good or bad. With Saturn moving towards its next opposition to Uranus you can expect continued instability and a return of fears, both rational and irrational. This rally is coming to a close. The completion of the Jupiter – Neptune conjunct, the retrograde of Jupiter, and the coming Saturn aspects are all pointing down.

Saturn has ended its retrograde motion and is moving forward once more. It will reach 18 degrees Virgo the week of July 18th where it was when the markets crashed last fall, and again in early March 2009 when they crashed the 2nd time. Mars in the NYSE chart is 18 degrees Virgo, and July will once again be a time of testing for the stocks. As Saturn continues to move forward through the summer it will once again apply to the opposition to Uranus, which completes next in September. This opposition has completed twice so far, on November 4th 2008, and February 5th 2009. Each conjunction has led to a stock market crash. There is no reason to believe the three more passes of this aspect will have any different reaction. The continued instability in our financial markets is a result of real fundamental problems. We still face the potential collapse of the commercial real estate markets, and the personal credit card crunch that has yet to make itself fully known. The dollar’s continued weakness is a catastrophe waiting to happen. If our bonds do not sell at auction, (a whisper of which has already taken place) then there is no way we will be able to continue to spend our way out of this recession-depression and our status as the currency of safety will be lost, possibly forever.

The shrinking of America 1 – 2 – 3.

In the days before Pearl Harbor, those in the Japanese high command who were conscious of America’s industrial might, warned their superiors not to attack. They understood the strength and magnitude of the enemy they would face and recognized its endless potential. Once war began and our factories turned in earnest to the war effort it was just a matter of time before we wore out the German and Japanese industrial potential. After the war we held the position of the only financially secure nation in the world. Today, after decades of stripping away the heart and soul of this country, shipping industries and jobs wherever we could to have our blue jeans made cheaper, we are a shadow of our former glory and may lack the strength and impetus to regain that position. The next world war will be fought in the trading pits. And right now China is the powerhouse not to be underestimated.

In July 2010 there will be a configuration of great force. That is the last pass of Saturn opposite Uranus, and it will fall at 1 degree Aries – Libra, known as the World Point. It is the beginning of the zodiac and has great implications throughout the world. Pluto will be in square to that opposition, and this all falls right on America’s Venus. This intense and complicated aspect is gaining the attention of astrologers all over the world. The last time these planets were is a similar configuration was in 1930 - 31, when Saturn opposed Pluto and squared Uranus. But even then these three planets didn’t create this close a t-square.

In late July 2010 Mars will conjunct Saturn in opposition to Uranus. Jupiter will square Pluto, which will be in opposition to America’s Venus. This all takes place within several degrees. At the same time Neptune will be conjunct America’s Moon, ruler of our 8th house of banking and joint resources. This will be an explosive moment in the universe of humankind that may have long-lasting effects. We will try to make useful predictions as far in advance as possible. For now all I can say is: don’t build your castle on quicksand. The foundation is unstable, so act accordingly.