Friday, March 27, 2009

Living by Starlight 04/09

Living by Starlight
April 2009

Most pressing on everyone’s mind, of course, is the economy. Have the stocks bottomed out? Absolutely not. The reason why up markets are called Bulls, and down markets are called Bears is because a Bull market will move along in a normal up and down pattern of trading, slowly and meticulously aiming higher. It prods along, not unlike a bull. A down market is violent, unpredictable and easily upset. It can rise thousands of points on nothing, and drop back down to test the lows in a flash. It is dangerous to trade or invest in a bear market. That is what we have to deal with for a number of years to come. As I said in this newsletter over the past few months, the last time we saw Saturn in opposition to Uranus began a 16 year bear market, from 1966 – 1982. But the world didn’t fall apart, America didn’t go out of business, and we eventually began a new bull run. It will take time to fix this mess – a lot of time. All the patchwork done to stop the bleeding will come home to roost before a real solution is found.

The last time we saw this opposition, in ’65-’67, Johnson declared his “War on Poverty”, a need to redistribute the wealth of our country. Now this opposition completes again, but in the opposite signs as in the ‘60s. Then, Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus was in Virgo. Now they are in the reversed signs. On this pass we are seeing a “War on Wealth”, also a need to redistribute the wealth. It is the same war with a different name. The real problem, of course, is in the fundamental workings of the system. There is nothing wrong with being rich, I would like to try it myself sometime. And I am basically a capitalist, although I prefer to call myself a Sociatolist, a believer in free enterprise with strong intervention for the distribution of the goodies. It is obvious that bankers, corporations and such can not be allowed to just run the world. Humankind is not that generous or fair-minded. If allowed free reign, they would enslave all humanity in the name of profits. Unrestricted, usury credit cards are only one yoke our culture wears.

Jupiter will conjunct Neptune three times this year; May 27th, July 10th & December 21st. That will lead to inflation, confusion and the mistaken belief that everything is wonderful long before it is. As a result, I believe we will see a massive bear market rally this summer, complete with optimism, enthusiasm and glee. But I don’t believe it is for real. The potential this aspect has for creating illusion and fantasy is so overpowering that it could distract the entire world into some sort of dreamy non-reality. But the other underlying transits are very powerful as well, and not as enlightening. Saturn will conjunct the New York Stock Exchange’s Mars in late July, just as the Jupiter – Neptune conjunct completes. This could be a strong pullback in any advancing markets, so keep an eye on any profits that may be on the table.

This Jupiter – Neptune connection will also add a great deal of energy to our collective compassion and the artistic world. Hopefully it will encourage some terrific art to be produced, as well as some innovations in charity and help organizations.

Because Neptune rules infectious diseases, and Jupiter will expand and enlarge anything it comes in contact with, there is some chance that this transit could result in some sort of medical problem involving an infectious agent. Do not ignore even the smallest of cuts or infections, especially if this sets off a personal planet in your chart.

Neptune rules rivers and streams, and we have seen several major rivers expand (Jupiter) beyond their limits. Fargo is besieged and its very existence has been threatened by the expansion of the Red River, which is rising to record levels. We may see more similar activities this summer as that conjunct gets closer.

Saturn will oppose Uranus three more times; September 15th 2009. April 26th 2010, and July 26th 2010. Any of those passes could manifest as another stock crash or other debilitating result. I will discuss each as they approach, as they will display their own unique identity based upon where this aspect falls in the charts of the NY Stock Exchange, America and other nations.

Saturn will square Pluto for the first of three passes on November 15th 2009. This will be a moment of great stress in out society that will demand our attention. It will complete several times over the year. Remember, Saturn was close to the opposition to Pluto when the World Trade Center was hit. This is a very powerful and stressful aspect that will certainly make itself known. I am examining various charts and will present my predictions regarding this transit over the next several months.

Pluto will oppose America’s Venus and Jupiter for the next several years. It does not complete its final opposition to our Jupiter until November 2011. We have already seen the beginnings of this transit. Pluto rules control and power, and its opposition to Venus has created the new oversights for the banking and trading industries, as well as the collective rage Americans are feeling.