Friday, September 21, 2012


On Thursday September 20th at 6:24 P.M. and 7:19 P.M. EST this pair of powerful transits completes. Because we have an exact Uranus-Pluto square this month the quicker moving planets that hit 7 degrees will set that square off. In this case we have Mercury, ruler of thoughts, speech, and travel in opposition to Uranus. This will make us all a little jumpy and irritable. Ideas will come quickly, perhaps too much so, and it may be difficult to handle. Any combination of Mercury and Uranus can represent a form of genius, or just unusual thoughts and concepts. If it can be used in a positive way you can find some different ways of looking at your situations. Because this is an opposition, it will have a greater effect on our relationships with others. You can expect some impulsive conversations, outbursts, and an unusual perspective regarding your partner.

The square to Pluto will add the compulsiveness one would expect from this heavenly body. It will be difficult to let go of an idea or problem. This combination will be most effective while this is in orb, but its effects will be felt throughout this month.

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