Sunday, September 16, 2012

September/October 2012

Uranus will square Pluto this month on September 19th. While that in itself is sufficient news to warrant some concern, this square will be set off by the Aries Full Moon on September 29th. We are already seeing the energy manifest – the attacks on American embassies in the Middle East, and bomb threats on 2 American campuses. This is only the beginning of the trouble. It is not a month to travel much, especially internationally. I suggest a close to home attitude. This energy will affect us locally, and nationally, so keep your eyes open. This stress is not going away any time soon. We can expect some more world events, including terrorist attacks and continued demonstrations escalating into that Full Moon.

Remember, Uranus – square Pluto won’t complete until 2016. We are in a period of continued unrest and erratic behavior that will repeatedly flair up. This will affect us as individuals and as a collective. This instability will define this era politically, financially and personally.

Pluto begins its direct motion this month on September 18th. While the change of direction of any planet holds a certain amount of power over the individual and the collective, because of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square that we are dealing with, this turnaround of Pluto will have a greater effect than usual. Pluto rules all things held jointly. It’s the ruler of the nature 8th house, along with Mars. (Yes, I still give some authority to the ancient rulers.) Mars has much to do with Scorpio’s energy for the individual, while Pluto certainly has domain over its effects on the collective.

Our culture is dealing with Pluto and its purposes in a very important and intense way. Ever since the deplanetization of Pluto the tug-of-war between the haves and the have-nots has, as we all know grown to extreme proportions. Now with the square from Uranus in exactitude this month as well, the collective recognizes this battle as Black & White (Scorpio’s favorite colors). The battle will become more open and obvious, and continue to escalate.

Many partnerships and joint financial ventures that have been delayed will begin to move forward once again. The direct motion of Pluto will bring a lot of things out of the unconscious and force us to deal with many issues that have been pushed into the shadows. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact the reversal of the planets demands that we internalize the energy for a while, and then externalize the changes we have incorporated during that retrograde period. Just be prepared to hear things that you may have been just as glad to keep hidden. Don’t be afraid. Tis better to know the truth than fall upon it unexpectedly.

The Sun and Mercury will each set off the Uranus-Pluto square this month. It will be most effective while these transits are in orb, but its energy will be felt all month. The Full Moon on the 29th will hit this square exactly. This is the most explosive Full Moon we have witnessed in quite some time. Its effects will be felt in a number of areas. There is a strong possibility of a major hurricane, or other explosive natural disaster around this time. There is also a strong possibility of a man-made disaster. Pluto rules vengeance and hidden agendas and it tends to greatly increase any emotional reaction when it is activated. Uranus rules sudden events, explosive situations, and erratic or unpredictable thoughts and behavior. This is an Aries Full Moon to begin with, which often carries a great deal more energy than many of the others. So this will be a few days when caution is certainly called for.

Jupiter retrogrades this month as well. This is a time of regrouping and patience. Many things that have been expanding will begin to slow down. This is the time to expand on the inside – enlarge your perspective, and be as open and honest in your inner conversation as possible. This is a chance to make changes in your inner self that will be reflected through your work, creativity, and relationships. Once Jupiter goes direct again on January 30th 2013 it will be easier to express those changes in the outside world. The reversal of Jupiter often coincides with the reversal of the stock markets. I believe this is a top. Take your profits off the table, or short the market, if you know how to trade.

Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5th. This is a powerful transit that will take 2 ½ years to complete. Saturn and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) do not work that well together. The repressive energy of Saturn doesn’t sit well with Pluto’s need to make deep and transformative changes. It also tends to repress sexual expression and can be very restrictive to personal relationships. But, as with most planetary combinations, if you can learn to use them in tandem you can accomplish a great deal. By accepting the limitations and restrictions associated with Saturn you can mold Pluto’s force into a more useful and directed energy. It is the personal reaction one has to this combination that often causes troubles. But this is a very stressful and at times debilitating aspect. Remember, Saturn was in opposition to Pluto very near America’s ascendant-descendant on 9/11. Please go to October 5th in this newsletter for more thoughts on this transit.

 As my regular readers know, for 6 months I have been predicting Obama’s reelection. I think he will win the popular vote by a strong margin. Election Day will be another mess. Mercury is stationary that day and retrogrades at 6:04 P.M. Eastern Time. The last time we had an Rx Mercury on Election Day was in 2000. You all remember how much fun that was? Florida, hanging chafes, the Supreme Court, and G.W. Bush. Expect many problems, including disputes, reversals, surprises, and a number of challenges to the new voter’s laws being pushed into battle ground states by the Republicans.

We may also see some violence right around the election. Mars will oppose America’s Mars while Uranus squares Jupiter, ruler of the chart. We are heading for a few months of very dangerous and volatile energy. A terrorist attack that week is most definitely possible.

So, here we are, less than 60 days before the election. What is this really all about? As I see it this is a battle as old as the union itself about state’s rights vs. a strong federal government. This was a major issue in the Civil War and continues to be an unresolved dispute.

Let me say off the bat that I am not a fan of big business, big government, or an intrusive society. But the truth is that no matter who wins this thing or what direction our political culture goes we are all in this together. We have become very much a collective and there is no turning back the clock. If you remove the security and safety that Roosevelt put into place you will leave the individual at the mercy of friends, charities, or religious groups, making them more dependant than ever on others. We all deserve the basic rights to some income, health insurance, and a somewhat gentle old age after a lifetime of service to society. The Republican point of view is that you should be able to make yourself rich. If not, it’s not the responsibility of the collective. Many of us are not focused solely on money matters, but add much to the collective. How much does a banker or commodities broker add as oppose to an artist, health care worker, or any of a thousand careers that will never result in great financial rewards? And should we have to choose? The Democrats feel that these rights are the least we can do to protect the dignity of citizens as they age or in their time of crisis. The Tea Party (let’s face it, this isn’t the Republican Party any more) are very upfront about their intent to dismantle the New Deal, followed by a major dismantling of our federal government. Then you will be at the mercy of state and local officials. Do you really believe that they will be better able to protect you, or that they will even give a damn?

We are on the cusp of a new age – as you know. My UAC lecture was about the metamorphosis of society into the Aquarian Age. Aquarius rules groups; it is less interested in the personal accomplishments than what the collective can accomplish. The problem is that corporations are groups not individuals (no matter what the Supreme Court decided in terms of election finances), and the role of big business is expanding rapidly as we cross from Pisces to Aquarius. It is the loss of the individual represented by Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius that is the greatest fear. We see the continued demise of mom & pop stores in favor of CVS, McDonalds’s, Starbuck’s, and so many other multinational corporations. Amazon is eating up humanity without the slightest indigestion. It can leave the individual with a sense of helplessness in the face of such adversity. Take away the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, health care, etc. and we will see a massive depression that would cripple our society and collapse the fragile foundation upon which many of our citizens stand.

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